Innovative & Flexible Engineering Solution

Al Rebou Elect. Switchgear Assembly LLC was established in year March 2005 with our office and manufacturing facility based in Industrial Area 13, Sharjah, U.A.E. specialized in the manufacture of high quality customized low voltage switchgear & Control gear, Process control, Instrumentation & PLC system integrated Engineering solution in large automation projects in the region such as global monitoring & control system, all together forming the most integral part of the basic company profile.

The company is formed with skilled and talented engineers over a vast experience supporting in manufacture for low voltage switch gear assembler and control panels. The company having talented electrical engineers qualified a B.E. & having a more then 20 year experience in electrical field. Company having a talented Technicians he qualified a ITI in electrical. We serve and support a wide range of sufficient business sectors of the economy.

We have reasonable production factory with 2 production unit & good storage facility.

In past few years company has earned its place in global market by achieving a list of certifications listed below.

ASTA type test certifications as per latest IEC 61439- 1 & 2: Edition 1.0 2009-01), DEKRA & KEMA Quality Certificate for the following range..

  1. 2500A – MDB (ASTA)
  2. 1600A – MDB (ASTA)
  3. 800A – MDB (ASTA)
  4. 400A – MDB (ASTA)
  5. 250A – MDB (ASTA)
  6. 1600A – Distribution Feeder Pillar (DEKRA Certification BV)
  7. 800A – Distribution Feeder Pillar (DEKRA Certification BV)
  8. 400A – Distribution Feeder Pillar (DEKRA Certification BV)
  9. 1600A – Distribution Feeder Pillar (KEMA Quality)
  10. 800A – Distribution Feeder Pillar (KEMA Quality)
  11. 400A – Distribution Feeder Pillar (KEMA Quality)
In line with the Design Verification Certificates, the company also took care of Quality Management by alien ISO 9001:2015 certified for manufacture quality norms.

As a company we are approved by most of the utilities listed below.

  1. AADC – A manufacture 2500A, 1600A, 800A, 400A, 250A
  2. ADDC – A manufacture 2500A, 1600A, 800A, 400A, 250A
  3. DEWA – A manufacture 2500A, 1600A, 800A, 400A, 250A
  4. SEWA – Grade A manufacture up till 2500A
  5. DCRP(Sultanate of Oman) – Manufacture of Feeder pillar 1600A, 800A, 400A

The company and its products specialized to support designed products, attain the shape of reality. We specially concentrate our markets to industrial applications like Chemical Pharmaceutical, Power Stations, Process Engineering, Building Engineering, Marine/offshore, Petrochemical, Commercial applications Residential Buildings, Shopping complex, Malls, Hotel & Resorts.

Our company right from the initial stage of being designed possesses the required infrastructure and Engineering expertise to dedicatedly be the part of the projects. The company a close support to the designing team in framing out a very reliable and justified electrical design due to its broad engineering base of experience and Global outlook all together forming a truly premier Company.

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