1. The Project Management personnel within Al Rebou are responsible for the establishment of a unique quality arrangement for each and every projects committing to be a good quality standard company, with in employees at all levels responding to the needs of our customers, finally to bring essence to every aspect of their work, there by helping others to do the same to achieve superior results.
  1. Quality management

The Quality management will identify the procedures to be adopted to ensure quality assurance is applied to each and every activity of work done. The following section further enhances the methodology implemented by our company to ensure those quality products and all services are provided to meet the requirements of specified projects. We also guarantee consistency of application to all aspects of projects from conception to completion. The main purpose of this procedural document is to ensure that a project set satisfies the needs of our customer.

  1. Quality policy

Our company is completely committed to continuously improving the service we offer to our clients. The key resource we use to provide and improve this service is:

• Our highly experienced people

• Our system

• Our technology

It’s our policy to employ and develop personnel who have project management, technical, communication and interpersonal skills to deal effectively and co-operatively with our clients and provide a service, which fully satisfy our clients and exceed their expectations.

Internal Quality Audit is to define the responsibilities and activities of personnel concerned with the execution and close-out of system audits. It also applies to all procedures documented for the quality management system.

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